The Unofficial Guide to Personal Loans, Business Loans and Grants Available in Singapore

The Unofficial Scientium Guides to the Singapore Financial Landscape

About Scientium Singapore provides a set of unofficial guides to help consumers and businesses choose from the wide variety of confusing loans, grants and other financial schemes provided by public and private financial institutions in Singapore.

Very often, some financial options and schemes (especially for businesses) are largely unregulated. A personal loan in Singapore is usually highly regulated, but for businesses, new initiatives such as peer-to-peer lending that may be a good alternative for business loans in Singapore. However, it does come with additional risks, especially for the peer-to-peer lender. Foreigners on work passes sometimes have limited options when getting a loan as well.

Our aim is to demystify and provide a resource for businesses and consumers looking to invest and borrow, foreigners looking to get a foreigner loan or somebody looking for short or long term investment.

Finally, please note that these guides are "unofficial". While we aim to keep this information up to date, please do your own research before proceeding with any loan, investment or otherwise. The information on this site does not constitute any financial advice (of any sort). For more information, please read our terms.