About Scientium

Just because not everyone has inexhaustible savings to use and that every once in while life throws you into unexpected and unfavorable situations that you just want to get out of immediately.

We have been in that scenario too.

That is how Scientium.com started. Also, the reason why we aim to provide the latest information in the confusing and complicated financial landscape in Singapore.

Before Scientium.com started, we have observed and tested much - just to learn and understand the fundamental principles of various personal loan and business loan approvals. Even if you forget everything you read on Scientium.com, remember that loan terms and contracts are always different, take extra care in reading and understanding the offer, and ask when in doubt.

We also have plans to keep our site content up to date, but please note that you should still do your personal research - treat our guides like "unofficial" expert guides, not as authoritative financial advice as your situation may differ.

Otherwise, we highly recommend applying the things you learned to reap the largest benefits from our guides!

Legal Disclaimer

To elaborate, the information on this website is provided for education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any particular purpose. Usage of any material, content or information is at your own personal risk, and we are NOT liable is any way.

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